PRU-DENT Dental Instrument, Retipping, and Sharpening Guarantee:

We guarantee our PRU-DENT instruments and retipping points to be free of manufacture or material defects for the usable life of the instrument.

The usable life of an instrument is determined by it’s use and user. If an instrument is worn or resharpened to the point where it can no longer be used or re-sharpened to perform it’s function as it was originally designed, it’s usable life has ended. 

If the instrument has broken we will measure the blade width at the point of the break, if it is narrower than the minimum safe blade width (0.022″), it’s usable life has ended. 

This guarantee does not cover abuse or misuse.  It is understood that any instrument sent to PRU-DENT for retipping has outlived it’s usable life and has no cash value. 

We cannot be responsible for any silicone rings or cushions on your instruments. While we always take the greatest care when moving them, repeated autoclaving makes silicone brittle and they eventually break

If you feel that a PRU-DENT new or retipped instrument has worn out too quickly, contact us. We will test the integrity of the materials, (which does not change with normal use and care), if the instrument does not meet our quality standards we will repair, retip, or replace it, at our discretion.

PRU-DENT Sharpening guarantee. 

When sharpen instrument we only remove enough material to restore the cutting edge, unfortunately we can only sharpen what you send us, sometimes that cutting edge isn’t where you hoped it would be, if you are not satisfied with the final resharpening you can return the instrument to PRU-DENT and we will deduct what you paid to sharpen that instrument from the cost to retip that instrument.       

Retipped Handle Guarantee:

All handles (including those by other manufacturers) retipped by PRU-DENT are guaranteed not to crack or fail for thirty days from the invoice date.  If the handle of an instrument retipped by PRU-DENT should fail within the 30 day window it will be replaced with a new comparable PRU-DENT handle for free. 

We cannot be responsible for any silicone rings, cushions, or marking tape on your instruments. We have to be able to heat the ends of your handles to remove the tips, that means moving or removing any trim rings on the ends. We always take the utmost care in moving or removing your trim rings however repeated autoclaving and cleaning chemicals make silicone lose it’s elasticity and become brittle, older rings are likely to break when removing them. We also need to label the instruments “PRU-DENT RETIP” so rings in the middle of the handle need to be moved or removed to make this possible. If we replace one of your handles we will always attempt to transfer your existing marking rings to your new handle.  

PRU-DENT  brand Stainless Handle Guarantee:

All PRU-DENT brand stainless handles have a limited lifetime guarantee, as long as a PRU-DENT brand stainless steel handle has not been modified or retipped by another retipper or manufacturer it is guaranteed not to fail. If an unmolested PRU-DENT brand handle does fail it will be replaced at no cost. 

If you have any questions or problems with any of our products or our services please call or e-mail us. As a manufacturer, customer complaints are the best way to learn how to improve your product, so please call. We’re here to serve you.


Tim J. Prusaitis
PRU-DENT Mfg., Inc.

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