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Welcome to PRU-DENT Dental Instruments, Retipping, & Sharpening.

We truly offer superior instruments, and the fastest service, at fair prices.

Updated 5/8/2020 10AM

PRU-DENT is open!

During the Covid-19 self-isolation we will still be receiving, processing, and shipping your orders!

We ARE taking extra steps to prevent the possibility of transmitting any bacteria or virus, including Covid-19. 

Get your instruments sharpened and/or retipped without interfering with your work schedule.

According to the CDC: “…transmission of novel coronavirus to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented.” (Link)  With that information in mind these are the extra steps, we are taking, to prevent the possibility of transmitting any bacteria or virus, including Covid-19.

I want to be completely transparent about the steps we are taking, to prevent the spread of Covid-19, so that you can make a well-informed decision about the safety of your staff, patients, and practice. 

1. When we receive your order we soak the box in Lysol and quarantine your order for 24 hours before opening it. (Covid-19 can survive on cardboard and paper for up to 24 hours).

2. When we open your order we wear masks and gloves. We disinfect the contents and discard packaging materials. (Covid-19 can survive on plastic and stainless steel for up to 3 days)

3. When it comes time to ship your order your instruments will be disinfected again (by soaking in 3% hydrogen peroxide) you will receive all new packing materials.

These are the steps we ask you to take.

1. Please remember to clean and sterilize your instruments before sending them to us!

2. Include a personal cell or home phone number in case we have a question and need to contact you about your order.

3. Consider having your completed order shipped to a home address if your office is closed. Write the “Ship to address:” in the body of the order form we still need the billing address for your office. This will be more expensive because UPS charges more for residential addresses.

4. When you receive your completed order, we suggest sanitizing the outside of the package with a CDC approved disinfectant (See List) and letting it sit for 24 hours before opening. When you do open your package wear gloves and a mask.

5. Remember to clean and sterilize your instruments before use! (We are not trained to sterilize instruments for patient care!)

Our current “turn around time” is 2 to 4 business days. As more and more offices are opening back up we have expanded our decontamination process and made it more efficient.  We will continue decontaminating orders until Covid-19 is no longer a concern, several months after a vaccine is available, at least.  We process orders on a first come, first served, basis. If there is a date when you must have your instruments in hand please write it on the order form.

Here are links to our Catalog, Price List, and Order Form.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. During this trying time, we are working irregular hours, the best way to contact us is still by phone or email but if you have an emergency you can text Tim at: 6ǮO-6Ǯ4-58O8.

Thank you and I hope you, your family, and your friends stay safe!


Tim Prusaitis

PRU-DENT is a family business.

Established in 1932, PRU-DENT is the 3rd oldest Dental Instrument manufacturer in the United States. We are also a small family business that operates with pride and integrity. 

PRU-DENT isn’t just a job, it’s who we are.  

  • My Grandfather made the first Gracey curettes in 1928.
  • My Father invented Dental Retipping in 1978.
    We ARE the Gold Standard in Dental Retipping.
  • As a business owner, and a mechanical engineer, I not only, understand the benefits of superior tools and equipment, I know how to make them better and at a lower cost than my competitors. 
  • We provide the longest and most comprehensive Dental Instrument, Retipping, Sharpening, and even Handle, Guarantees in the dental industry!
Best Materials
We start with the Highest quality American made Stainless steel.
Precision machining
with tight tolerances for the perfect shape and feel.
Precise Bends
Improved geometry to make our blades last longer and be more resistant to breakage.
Forged Blades
Forging refines and directs the grain flow according to the shape of the blade providing greater strength and durability.
Heat Treating
Realigns the crystalline structure to to make our steel as hard as possible.
Cryogenic Processing
Allows the steel to achieve it's maximum hardness and toughness, making our blades last even longer.

Services we offer:

PRU-DENT Dental Instruments, Retipping, and Sharpening services make us the most cost effective way to maintain your instruments on an annual basis. So, it doesn’t matter if your buying big name instruments, the cheapest retips, or anything in between PRU-DENT is the most cost effective way to maintain your instruments.    

Our products and services have been designed to make your job fast, easy, and inexpensive because that is what I want from my equipment. 

Harder steel means I can sharpen my cutting edges to a finer point, it also means that they lasts longer.  

Fastest turnaround time anywhere. Get your instruments in days as opposed to the weeks it takes from any other retipper.
“My customers have told me, they receive their retips from us faster than they’d ever gotten new instruments, from dealers.”    

Excellent customer service allowing you to talk to the person sharpening or retipping your instruments. 

So take a look at our Catalog and Price list, download our Order Form and let us start making your job easier and saving you money.  

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate E-mail or call us at

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