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PRU-DENT Dental Instrument Retipping service

“What is Retipping?”

Retipping is basically rebuilding your dental instrument. We remove the worn or broken ends and replace them with new ends  manufactured and installed by PRU-DENT.

“There are a lot of retippers that are cheaper than you, why use PRU-DENT?”

Our most loyal customers have tries the competition first. There are lots of companies that offer dental instrument retipping at dollar store prices but it’s definitely a case of, “You get what you pay for.” Our customers, who have tried them, have told us that, “PRU-DENT blades are sharper and last about FOUR times longer.”  We last so much longer that, over the year, we’re actually Less Expensive! Better instruments, lowest cost per year, and you don’t have to retip them every few months, why wouldn’t you use PRU-DENT?  

“How is an instrument retipped?”

  • First we inspect your instrument handles for cracks or other flaws. This is very important because a split or cracked handle can be internally contaminated, autoclaves are only designed to sterilize the exposed surface. Damaged handles are discarded and replaced with new
    PRU-DENT handles, designed to resist cracking, with a limited lifetime guarantee.
  • It takes around 1,100 to 1,300 Lbs. of force to pull the old points out of your handles. We use specialized equipment, that we designed and manufactured, to pull the points without damaging your handles.
  • Your handles are cleaned, inspected, and resized if necessary.
  • We apply a high temperature anaerobic bonding compound to the inside of your handles to give extra strength and sealing.
  • New points, that we manufacture, are pressed into your handle, using over 1,000  Lbs. of force.
  • The new points and the ends of your handles are polished because we want your retipped instruments to look better than they did when new.
  • We give them a final quality inspection and your retipped  instruments are ready to be shipped back to your office.

“How long does it take to retip dental instruments?”

1 to 3 days, once we receive your instruments.  We are WEEKS faster than other retippers. 

Payment us due at time of service (before we ship your completed order to you.) For fastest service include your credit card on your order form.  

If there is something unclear on your order form we will call you for your preference. In that situation there can be a delay so call us back as soon as possible.

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“Is it really “as good, or better than New?”

Yes, we manufacture our points to have the hardest, sharpest, and longest lasting blades, easily comparable to the big name manufacturers, but without having to satisfy a massive sales force with expensive tastes.

“Will retipping void my original manufacturer’s warranty?”

Yes, but I give you a better one. See our  PRU-DENT Guarantee which is longer, more comprehensive, and in the rare situations when it is needed, is serviced faster, than any other manufacturer, retipper, or dealer in the industry.

“What kind of Guarantee do you offer on your Dental Instrument Retipping?”

We are proud to offer the longest and most comprehensive Guarantee in the Dental Industry. See our PRU-DENT Guarantee.

“Can you send me testimonials by licensed professionals that use your service?”

Yes, let us know what area you live in and we can help you contact and speak with licensed professionals in your area. (We do get their permission before giving out any customer information.)

“Can any instrument retipped?”

If we make it we can retip it, see our price list. However, of your handle doesn’t accept the standard 3/16″ or 1/8″ shank, or if it’s not in good condition (Cracked, peeling chrome, etc… ) it can be replaced.

“What do I do if my handles are cracked, odd sized, too small, or just ugly?”

We can replace the handles for a minimal fee. We offer many styles including:

  • 5ST, lightweight, large diameter (3/8″)  stainless tube
  • 4ST, lightweight, medium diameter (5/16″)  stainless tube.
  • 2ST Octagon, the “Old School favorite” finally  made in stainless! lightweight and slim  (1/4″) across the flats.
    See our price list for current prices.

“Do you Retip plastic handles, like the *Hu-Friedy: Resin-8™, *American: Eagle Lite™, *PDT, or others?”

Yes! First off, all Hu-Friedy handles retip beautifully straight from the factory, they have a stainless core that makes them strong even when the plastic starts to deteriorate from repeated autoclave cycles.

Other brands of plastic handles:

For $2.50 per instrument (a one time fee) we can install a light weight, stainless core that greatly enhances the handle’s strength and makes it retippable.


We can replace the handle with an all stainless handle with a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. Our 5ST is the exact same dimensions as the *Eagle lite™ (3/8″ diameter x 4. 1/4″ long), and only weighs two tenths of an ounce more (A sheet of paper weighs two tenths of an ounce), plus it has a limited lifetime guarantee and can be retipped forever.

“Can I change to a different style of points?”

Yes you can. The only thing we can’t do is re-stamp the handle. You’ll have to identify the instrument by the points.

“How do I send an order?”

Clean and sterilize your instruments, make a list of what you’re sending, what you want us to do with them, pack them in a box with the list and ship them to us.

To make it easier, print out our Order Form and follow the directions.

“How do I ship my Instruments to you?”

UPS and FedEx are the fastest, most reliable, and give free tracking. The post office is the cheapest, but it’s also the slowest, and in our experience, has lost the most packages.

Also, use a sturdy box, never use a bubble pack envelope, your instruments will run away. We can’t retip, or be responsible for, instruments we’ve never received.

“I’m in a hurry, should I ship my instruments Next Day air?”

Please call us first, Next Day Air is so expensive that it’s usually cheaper, and just as fast, for me to send you new instruments than it is to give yours a round trip plane ride.

“Should I insure my package?”

You should, We do. It doesn’t happen very often but we are not responsible for instruments we don’t receive.

Call us  if you have any retip contact

Whether your buying Big Brand Instruments or Bargain Basement Retipping, PRU-DENT will cost you less per year!

*Disclaimers and declarations: 

Resin-8™, Everedge®, and Everedge® 2.0 are trademarks of Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC
Eagle Lite™ is a trademark of American Eagle instruments, Inc.
PDT is the abbreviation of Paradise Dental Technologies, PDT,Inc.

PRU-DENT Mfg., Inc. is in no way associated with Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC, American Eagle instruments, Inc., or Paradise Dental Technologies, PDT, Inc., nor are we the origin of: Resin-8™, Everedge®, Everedge® 2.0, Eagle Lite™, or PDT  products.

We are taking advantage of nominative fair use, of a famous mark by another person other than as a designation of source for the person’s own goods or services, including use in connection with…advertising or promotion that permits consumers to compare goods or services. 15 U.S.C. § 1125(c)(3)(A). In other words we are only using those companies’ trademarks to identify brand names and models of instruments that we repair and/or retip by installing points manufactured by PRU-DENT Mfg., Inc.