PRU-DENT Sharpening service.

Send us your dull, worn instruments and using our state-of-the-art sharpening equipment we’ll give them the same sharp, crisp cutting edges that our New and Retipped instruments enjoy. With most brands this is the sharpest they will ever be.

Super fast turn around time, 1 to 3 business days, from the time we receive it to the time we ship it back, with most orders.

If you need them faster than that, call us to Make an appointment.

We will do everything in our power to restore your cutting edged to usable condition but sometimes the blade is too far gone to be resharpened, in that situation we can either; return your “used up” instrument to you, replace it with a New PRU-DENT instrument, or we can make them new again by replacing the worn tip with a completely new one that is as good or better than the one your instrument came with, this process is called Retipping, and my Father invented it in 1978.

Sharpening Prices:

Scalers and Curettes:  $3.25 single end, $6.50 Double

Explorers: $1.90 Single end, $3.80 double

Hoes & Spoons: $6.30 per end

Periosteal:  $6.50 per end

Perio Knives: $11.40 single end, $22.80 double 

Perio Files: $11.40 single end, $22.80 double

Perio Chisel: $11.40 single end, $22.80 double

Elevators:  $11.40 single end, $22.80 double

Peritomes:  $11.40 single end, $22.80 double


Standard: $10.00

Serrated: $12.00

Suture/notched:  $12.00

Large (over 4″ blade):  add $2.00

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