Why we’re confident saying that PRU-DENT Instruments are THE BEST.

At PRU-DENT we manufacture our instruments ourselves. This means that we have control over the whole process, from selecting the best materials, to using state-of-the-art production processes, to years of experience hand-crafting each instrument. All this means that you get exceptionally sharp and long-lasting instruments.

How we make our instruments so Sharp and Long-lasting.

We start with high-carbon, high-chromium, martensitic stainless steel, made by the same foundry that supplies other high-end dental and surgical manufacturers. The steel is precision-machined into turned points on equipment designed to make Swiss watch components.
The turned points are then shaped on our state-of-the-art electronic-pneumatic equipment, which places the cutting edge exactly where it’s needed every time.

Next, the heads are forged, meaning we strike them with a 10-ton press in a close fitting die that shapes the head and creates a dense grain structure in the metal, giving them greater strength, durability, and wear resistance. We’re proud to say that we were the first manufacturer to develop a polished-finish die that creates a mirror smooth face for a finer cutting edge.

To make our blades stronger yet, they are heat-treated and then cryogenically tempered. This permanently rearranges the molecular structure of the steel to dramatically increase hardness, wear resistance and durability.

Finally, these incredibly hard blades are precision ground on diamond-plated sharpening wheels to within a tolerance of 0.002 of an inch (blade width) and at a consistent 75° angle between the face and the lateral side. And as far as we know, we’re still the only manufacturer who conditions the cutting edge to remove the false edge or burr. A false edge will curl over in the autoclave, making instruments that felt sharp out of the box feel dull when you use them.